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Glory Light Ministries has a good selection of books by Christian authors including books by Ellen G. White who is one of the most prolific and informative authors of all time. Our goal is to provide the very best in Biblical understanding as stated by the original Bible authors. We intend to dust off the 2000-year-old words of the ancient Christians and present them in living context easy to understand by the modern mind. The Bible, when properly understood, is simple and easy to digest while broad and deep enough to challenge the brightest minds. So settle in and enjoy. The fare is so good it just might leave you wanting more.

See the "School of Bible" section (above) for information on basic Bible study guides.

Check out the "Articles" section (to your left) for Christian articles and FREE eBooks.

The advanced Bible study set, "Good News for Laodiciea", is available by contacting Glory Light Foundation, P.O. Box 133, Springfield, Tennessee 37172.
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