Vege Cuisine
Classroom Training
Active Training

Although the classroom setting is an effective tool for the teaching of even the preparation of vegetarian cuisine, we believe that the best training possible is hands-on active training in the kitchen. Most, if not nearly all, training will be “in action” as circumstances allow. You will learn when the burner is hot enough, when it has cooked long enough, what is the proper consistency, and what a recipe should smell like when properly seasoned. You will even learn how to modify recipes to meet specific needs. You will learn how to plan the cooking schedule so that everything will be ready and at its best at the proper time. And you will learn what fresh fruit and vegetables should look like and where to find pre-prepared supplies so that you may select the best quality ingredients.

Preparation of the best quality vegetarian cuisine does not have to be a mystery. You, too, can learn to be comfortable in a kitchen.