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Welcome to our recipe page. We hope you will find some healthful and delicious recipes that you can enjoy for many years to come. All recipes are plant based total vegetarian with as fresh ingredients as can be practical.

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Copyright Issues
Copyright (c) 2016 by Craig Martin Barnes

There are no specific expressed copyrights on any of these recipes by any of these chefs. Pastor Wieland expressed to me in person, generically, that his works can be copied and disseminated, but do not change them. With this in mind, this will be the rules of copyright for all the recipes found on this website:

1.They can be copied and disseminated as is, but not sold.
2.If quoted or excerpted, such excerpting must be done true to the context and not made to say something they do not say.
3.Please give proper attribution. Contributors are listed on the recipes.


There is no charge to download these recipes. However, if you desire, you may donate through the payment button shown to the right. Currency exchanges should be facilitated through this button.

=RECIPE LIST (All non-dairy)=

RECIPES: For Special Diets (click below)
Lectin or Gluten Free

RECIPES: All Recipies
Almond Pudding (Lectin Free)
Non-Dairy American Style "Cheese"
Bread and Rolls
Bread Dressing
Carob Brownie Cupcakes
Carob Chips
Carob Fudge
Cashew Cheese Sauce
Cranberry Sauce
Fig Bars
Fig Bars Lectin-free
Non-Dairy French Style Toast
Gluten-free Fudgy Carob Brownie Cups
Lectin-free Fudgeless Fudgies
Hot Dogs (Vege)
Lemon Pudding/Pie
"Mustard" Style Sauce
Frozen Okra
Pumpkin Pie
Rye Bread
Slam Salad Sandwich
Toasted "Cheese" Style Sandwich
"Turkey" Style Sandwich Slices
Lectin-Free "Turkey" Style Sandwich Slices
Soy Yogurt (No Carrageenan)
Soy Yogurt (With Carrageenan)
Zuchini Muffins
Pinch(1/16), Dash(1/8), and Smidgen(1/32) Measurements
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